Ex parte A. SAID EL SHAMI et al. - Page 2

          Appeal No. 93-3369                                                          
          Application 07/344,179                                                      

               70.  A diagnostic device for measuring analytes in samples             
          of biological fluids which comprises:                                       
               a column-type assembly defining a fluid pathway having an              
          open end adapted to receive a sample of biological fluid to be              
          analyzed, said fluid pathway being bridged by a first solid phase           
          support, and an effluent discharge point on the side of said                
          support opposite said open end,                                             
               a sleeve-type container having an open end and a closed end,           
          said column type assembly being received in said open end of said           
          sleeve-type container,                                                      
               a specific antibody binder covalently immobilized on said              
          first solid phase support to which an analyte label is pre-                 
          reacted to saturate substantially all binding sites on said                 
          binder to form a first solid phase specific antibody binder-                
          analyte label complex, said solid phase complex when contacted              
          with a biological fluid sample containing a specific analyte,               
          being adapted to have displaced therefrom labeled analyte in an             
          amount directly proportional to the concentration of the specific           
               a second solid support, spaced apart from first solid phase            
          support, housed at the closed end of said sleeve-type container             
          and in proximity to said effluent discharge point, said second              
          solid support when contacted by the displaced labeled analyte               
          from the effluent discharge point of said first solid phase                 
          complex, being adapted to produce a visible color on said second            
          solid support either directly or after the addition to said                 
          second solid support a substance capable of reacting with the               
          analyte label to produce a visible color.                                   
               The references relied upon by the examiner are:                        
          Graas                    4,270,921           June  2, 1981                  
          Liotta                   4,446,232           May   1, 1984                  
          Diamond et al. (Diamond) 4,766,062           Aug. 23, 1988                  
          Diekmann                 4,956,298           Sep. 11, 1990                  


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