Ex parte SCHRAIVOGEL et al. - Page 6

          Appeal No. 94-3349                                                          
          Application 07/757,085                                                      

          is 2 micrometers and that the width of two elongated mask                   
          openings which define the two grooves which form the L's is 1               
          micrometer (Col. 6, lines 29-33).  With reference to Figure 5,              
          since the above stated dimensions indicate that the width of the            
          grooves which form the L's is 1 micrometer and the distance                 
          between the adjacent L's is 2 micrometers, the length of the                
          groove which forms the bottom of the L, the shortest groove, is 4           
          micrometers.  Moreover, the four-to-one ratio of length to width            
          is apparent by inspection.  As Blonder also discloses that these            
          grooves can be protrusions and that the sidewalls can be                    
          vertical, Blonder discloses strip shaped elevations.                        
          Appellants argue that Blonder does not disclose strip-                      
          shaped elevations which have a length which is at least four                
          times the width.  As stated above, Blonder does disclose that the           
          grooves which form the two grooves of the L's depicted in Figure            
          5 may be replaced by protrusions which may have vertical                    
          sidewalls.  Further, in view of the disclosure in Blonder that              
          the width of the grooves is 1 micrometer and that the L's are 2             
          micrometers apart, Blonder clearly discloses that the length of             
          the shortest groove or protrusion is at least four times its                
          width.  As such we do not find this argument persuasive.                    


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Last modified: November 3, 2007