Ex parte MIYABAYASHI - Page 4

          Appeal No. 95-1527                                                          
          Application No. 07/862,066                                                  
          to increase access speed to the memory.  Column 8, lines 59-                
          64.  Thus, Lam motivated one of skill in the art to add a pre-              
          charging transistor as a presetting means in Figure 7's prior               
          art read-out circuit.                                                       
               Because Lam suggested the modification to the admitted                 
          prior art in order to obtain fast memory access, the claimed                
          invention would have been obvious.  It does not matter whether              
          the prior art motivation is the same as Appellant’s motivation              
          as argued by Appellant.  Lam’s suggestion is clearly                        
          applicable to an arrangement with the conventional selection                
          means shown in                                                              
          Figure 7.                                                                   
               Appellant argues that Lam lacks the recited first                      
          selection means.  Appeal Brief at 4.  We fail to see how such               
          a lack would vitiate Lam’s suggestion to precharge the output               
          of the conventional selection means shown in Figure 7.                      
               Moreover, we disagree with Appellant’s argument.  Lam                  
          discloses the recited first selection means.  Column 5, lines               
          15-23.  Lam’s presetting means (precharge transistor 78)                    
          presets the output of Lam’s selecting means (word line select               
          transistor 74) just as in Appellant’s invention.  We see no                 


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Last modified: November 3, 2007