Ex parte MIYABAYASHI - Page 5

          Appeal No. 95-1527                                                          
          Application No. 07/862,066                                                  
          difference between Lam’s disclosure and the subject matter of               
          Claim 1.  Lam’s read-out circuit in Figure 2 includes:                      
                    first selecting means (word line select transistor                
                    first data storing means (latch 92/94/96/98);                     
                    transferring means (transfer gate 148);                           
                    second data storing means (latch 126/128/130/132);                
                    second selecting means (transfer gate 150); and                   
                    presetting means (precharge transistor 78).                       
          Those means as disclosed by Lam fully perform all the recited               
          functions and are equivalent to Appellant’s disclosed means                 
          which include:                                                              
                    first selecting means (word or column select                      
                         transistor Qc);                                              
                    first data storing means (latch F.F.D.);                          
                    transferring means (transfer gate Qt);                            
                    second data storing means (latch F.F.S.);                         
                    second selecting means (transfer gate Qy); and                    
                    presetting means (precharge transistor Qp).                       
          Because Lam fully discloses the claimed invention, we cannot                
          agree with Appellant’s argument that Lam lacks the recited                  
          first selection means in the claimed combination.                           

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Last modified: November 3, 2007