Ex parte BROWN - Page 3

          Appeal No. 95-1955                                                          
          Application 08/109,982                                                      

                    (b) allocating a plurality of data stores for a                   
               second one of said non-volatile memories, each data                    
               store having a plurality of buffers containing                         
               redundant data to a respective one of said buffers in                  
               said first one of said non-volatile memory;                            
                    (c) providing a data store in each of said non-                   
               volatile memories which data store includes a bit map                  
               buffer having first data therein relating to the status                
               of each of a plurality of buffers of said respective                   
               non-volatile memory and said respective bit map buffers                
               includes status data only for that respective non-                     
               volatile memory wherein said first data has a first                    
               state and a second state;                                              
                    (d) providing and entry table of addresses in said                
               ROM for accessing the data store in each of said                       
               respective non-volatile memories;                                      
                    (e) determining a current buffer address for                      
               accessing said respective non-volatile memories in                     
               accordance with the data in said ROM table and said                    
               non-volatile memory bit map;                                           
                    (f) calculating and storing an associated CRC for                 
               only those data stores having said respective first                    
               data in a first state in each of said buffers of said                  
               respective non-volatile memories wherein said CRC has a                
               first state representing a good data store buffer and a                
               second state representing a bad data store buffer;                     
                    (g) setting said first data to said first state                   
               when said CRC is in a first state or to said second                    
               state when said CRC is in said [second] state; [and],                  
                    (h) programing said microcontrol system to access                 
               only those data stores wherein said first data is in                   
               said first state.                                                      
               Note that claims 11 and 12 do not require that the second              
          non-volatile memory contain redundant data with respect to the              
          buffers in the data stores of the first non-volatile memory.                


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Last modified: November 3, 2007