Ex parte BROWN - Page 7

          Appeal No. 95-1955                                                          
          Application 08/109,982                                                      

               meter operation, it is extremely important that such                   
               events be detected and the READ or WRITE operation be                  
               retried.  If the incorrect READ or WRITE is determined                 
               to be a result of a problem with the memory device, the                
               data must be reconstructed, for instance in the case of                
               a failed read, and then relocated to a different part                  
               of the non-volatile memory.                                            
                                 Page 2, lines 10-13                                  
               Also, as brought out in the teaching of [another]                      
               application, each data item stored in the block                        
               requires its own CRC for determination of whether the                  
               register data is corrupt.                                              
               The foregoing sets up the context in which memory fault                
          corruptions are detected or determined as a part of each memory             
          READ and WRITE operation, and in which corruption is determined             
          on the basis of calculating the corresponding CRC.                          
               As is described on page 15 and shown in the flow chart on              
          Figure 10A, the READ is "tested" at decision block 1280, after              
          the READ operation takes place in block 1270.  Similarly, as is             
          described on page 17 and shown in the flow chart in Figure 11,              
          the WRITE is tested at decision block 1470, after the WRITE                 
          operation takes place in block 1450.  One with ordinary skill in            
          the art would understand that the testing referred to concerns              
          the detection of memory fault or corruption and thus relates to             
          the generation of the CRC.  Evidently, the appellant argues the             
          same.  (Br. page 6, line 30 to page 7, line 2).                             
               Figure 10A reveals that the READ operation is not performed            


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