Appeal No. 95-2598                                                          
          Application 08/021,230                                                      

                    This is a decision on appeal from the examiner's                  
          refusal to allow claims 1 and 3 through 8 as amended subsequent             
          to the final rejection in a paper filed July 8, 1994 (Paper                 
          No. 8).  Claim 2 has been canceled.                                         

                    Appellant's invention relates to a machine for sealing            
          foldable flaps of parallelepiped boxes with gum-coated paper                
          tape.  As noted on page 1 of the specification, it is an object             
          of the invention to provide a box sealing machine that is of                
          simple construction, easy maintenance, low cost and limited size.           
          To that end, appellant has provided a unitary, modular tape feed            
          assembly (6), seen best in Figures 3 through 8 of the application           
          drawings, which is of compact size and is removably mounted on              
          the arms (5) of the vertically moveable head (3).  As noted in              
          the specification (page 3), the tape feed assembly (6) itself is            
          constituted by a plurality of individual units that can be taken            
          apart separately.  Those units (e.g., a tape roll supporting unit           
          (11), a tape control unit (13), a tape centering unit (14), a               
          tape feed unit (17), a contrast unit (18), a tape shearing unit             
          (19), a tape moistening unit (20), and a tape application unit              
          (21)), seen best in Figure 5, are removably fastened to a lateral           


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Last modified: November 3, 2007