Appeal No. 95-2598                                                          
          Application 08/021,230                                                      

          internally of the head and thereby supported by the head beam               
          (112). See column 4, lines 55-60, of U.S. Patent 4,039,367.                 

                    The examiner relies upon Ulrich as teaching a tape                
          machine "in which means are provided to position or center the              
          tape and control the tension thereof (col. 6, lines 37-42)"                 
          (answer, page 3).  The examiner apparently additionally                     
          recognizes that neither Warshaw, nor Ulrich, teaches either gum-            
          coated paper tape, or a tape moistening unit.                               

                    Based on the collective teachings of Warshaw and                  
          Ulrich, the examiner concludes that it would have been obvious to           
          one of ordinary skill in the art to                                         
                    have provided centering and control means for                     
                    the tape in the apparatus taught by the                           
                    primary reference [Warshaw], since Ulrich et                      
                    al. recognize the desirability of centering                       
                    and controlling the tension of a tape to be                       
                    applied to a box.  Gummed adhesives requiring                     
                    moistening are well known in the art, and                         
                    since each reference discloses adhesive                           
                    tapes, it would have been obvious to provide                      
                    moistening means for activating a gummed tape                     
                    (answer, pages 3-4).                                              

                    Even assuming that one of ordinary skill in the art               
          would have found some motivation for modifying Warshaw in the               

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Last modified: November 3, 2007