Appeal No. 95-2598                                                          
          Application 08/021,230                                                      

          supporting shoulder (8) of the tape feed assembly (6), or to                
          other of the individual constituent units of the assembly that              

          are removably mounted to the shoulder (8).  Appellant indicates             
          on page 3 of the brief, that                                                
                    [b]y providing a feed assembly which is                           
                    removable from the vertically moveable head                       
                    as a unit, and which also incorporates each                       
                    of the recited constituent components in such                     
                    a fashion that permits them to be independ-                       
                    ently disassembled from one another, the tape                     
                    machine of the present invention can be much                      
                    more easily repaired and serviced than those                      
                    known in the prior art.                                           

                    Independent claim 1 is representative of the subject              
          matter on appeal and a copy of that claim is attached to this               

                    The prior art of record relied upon by the examiner in            
          rejecting the appealed claims under 35 U.S.C.  103 is:                     
          Twigg                            3,350,255         Oct. 31, 1967            
          Warshaw et al. (Warshaw)         4,061,526         Dec.  6, 1977            
          Ulrich et al. (Ulrich)           4,392,911         July 12, 1983            
          Cavanagh                         4,642,157         Feb. 10, 1987            


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