Appeal No. 95-2598                                                          
          Application 08/021,230                                                      

          manner urged by the examiner relying on the teachings of Ulrich,            
          and for using a gum-coated paper tape and a moistening unit                 
          therein as further urged by the examiner, we still do not see               
          that the resulting tape machine would include a tape feed                   
          assembly having all of the individual constituent units set forth           
          in appellant's claim 1 on appeal.  In particular, we fail to find           
          in the modified Warshaw tape machine a tape feed unit and a                 
          contrast unit forming part of the tape feed assembly as required            
          in claim 1 on appeal, and also any teaching or suggestion of                
          those units being constructed and arranged to function in the               
          manner set forth in appellant's claim 3 on appeal.                          
                    Moreover, we fail to find in either of the applied                
          references any teaching or suggestion of a removable tape feed              
          assembly wherein the cartridge or assembly is disassembleable               
          into its individual constituent components or units as required             
          in appellant's claim 1.  In this regard, we understand from                 
          appellant's disclosure, particularly Figure 5, that the last                
          clause of claim 1 on appeal requires the specifically named units           
          therein to be individual modules (units) that are separable from            
          the tape feed assembly and each other to thereby facilitate ease            
          of repair and replacement of such constituent units.  No such               


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Last modified: November 3, 2007