Ex parte IWAMURO - Page 6

          Appeal No. 95-4159                                                          
          Application 08/151,055                                                      

          collective teachings of Fay and Laska would have suggested the              
          invention as recited in claim 1.                                            
          Appellant argues that there is no motivation to                             
          combine the teachings of Fay with Laska [brief, pages 6-7].                 
          According to appellant, the IGBTs of Fay and Laska operate so               
          differently that the artisan would not selectively pick and                 
          choose elements from the two devices to arrive at the claimed               
          invention.  The examiner responds that appellant’s arguments                
          are not commensurate in scope with the invention of claim 1.                
          Although the examiner is correct to note that                               
          arguments of nonobviousness must be commensurate in scope with              
          the claimed invention, the examiner must still consider the                 
          propriety of combining prior art teachings based on what would              
          have been suggested to the artisan who has this prior art                   
          before him.  The Fay IGBT has a buffer layer which makes it a               
          punch-through (PT) type device.  Laska discloses a non-punch-               
          through (NPT) IGBT which is designed to have operating                      
          characteristics similar to a PT IGBT.  While PT IGBTs and NPT               
          IGBTs operate to achieve similar results, they achieve these                
          results in an entirely different manner.  Laska notes that an               
          NPT IGBT is fabricated using no life-time-killing steps                     

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Last modified: November 3, 2007