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          Appeal No. 95-4351                                                          
          Application 08/048,109                                                      

          claims, under 35 U.S.C.  103 as unpatentable over prior art.  We           
                    The claimed invention is an audio-visual display system           
          for presenting a series of still pictures in synchronism with the           
          playback of one or more recorded audio programs.  The audio                 
          program information includes audio-frequency cue signals for                
          controlling the visual display apparatus, which is in the form of           
          a circular disk rotated by a stepping motor.                                
                    Claim 1, the sole independent claim, reads as follows:            
                    1.  An audio-visual system which makes it possible for            
          a user to see during successive time periods a still image of a             
          particular subject while listening to a program related thereto;            
          said system comprising:                                                     
                    a.  an audio-record player having a loud speaker and an           
          output jack to which are both fed signals derived from the record           
          being played;                                                               
                    b.  a record to be played by the player having a                  
          recording thereof of a series of programs producing signals that            
          lie in the sonic range, each related to a different subject, each           
          program being preceded by a cue signal recording that lies in a             
          range outside the sonic range; and                                          
                    c.  a viewer unit for successively presenting to the              
          eyes of the user at a viewing position a series of a film frames,           
          each having an image of a subject corresponding to a subject in a           
          respective program in the recording, said unit including a                  
          stepping motor responsive only to each cue signal yielded at the            
          output jack to advance to the viewing position, the image frames            
          being supported in a circular disc that is rotated by the                   
          stepping motor, said stepping motor being provided with a control           
          circuit having an input jack coupled to the output jack of the              
          player through a high-pass filter that rejects said sonic signals           
          and passes said cue signals, said control circuit supplying                 


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