Ex parte SPECTOR - Page 4

          Appeal No. 95-4351                                                          
          Application 08/048,109                                                      

          include audio, slow-scan video, digital, or analog information              
          (col. 1, lines 17-21).                                                      
                    Horvath discloses an audio-visual system in which                 
          audio-visual cartridges are inserted into a housing that                    
          resembles a television set and has a rear-projection screen.  The           
          cartridge contains a circular disc on which photographic images             
          are recorded and an endless magnetic tape on which are recorded             
          audio signals and control signals.  Detection of a control signal           
          results in a brake pawl being momentarily removed from one of the           
          brake notches in the edge of the circular disc, thereby allowing            
          the disc to be rotated by the drive motor to the next brake notch           
          so as to display the next picture (col. 7, lines 13-39).  The               
          drive motor is a continuous motor rather than a stepping motor.             
                    Hattori discloses goggles which include liquid-crystal            
          display devices and earphones.  The audio and video signals may             
          be provided by television receiving circuitry.                              
                    The examiner also contends that it is well known in the           
          art to use a stepping motor in a film projector (Answer at 4).              
                    Assuming for the sake of argument that it would have              
          been obvious in view of Cannon to record Taylor's cue signals as            
          ultrasonic signals which are separable from the audio information           
          by means of a high pass filter, we are not persuaded that it also           


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Last modified: November 3, 2007