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                Appeal No. 95-4351                                                                                                            
                Application 08/048,109                                                                                                        

                operating power activating said motor each time said cue signal                                                               
                is received thereby, said high-pass filter being interposed                                                                   
                between the input jack and the control circuit to reject signals                                                              
                in the audio range and to pass the supersonic cue signals, said                                                               
                viewing unit being provided with the straps so as to be supported                                                             
                on the head of the user.                                                                                                      
                                 The references relied on by the examiner are:                                                                
                Cannon                                    3,851,116                                 Nov. 26, 1974                             
                Horvath                                   3,963,335                                 June 15, 1976                             
                Taylor                                    4,277,152                                 July  7, 1981                             
                Hattori                                   4,636,866                                 Jan. 13, 1987                             
                                 Claims 1-3 stand rejected under  103 as unpatentable                                                        
                for obviousness over Taylor in view of Cannon, Horvath and                                                                    
                                 Taylor discloses means for advancing a film strip in a                                                       
                projector in response to the detection of cue signals recorded on                                                             
                an audio tape, such as an audio cassette (col. 1, lines 29-52).                                                               
                No other information about the cue signals, such as the                                                                       
                frequency, is disclosed.  The film images are projected onto a                                                                
                projection screen (col. 2, lines 66-68).                                                                                      
                                 Cannon discloses the use of ultrasonic cue signals                                                           
                (col. 7, lines 7-55) which are recovered by filtering and used to                                                             
                control the speed and position of a magnetic tape, which may                                                                  

                2Hattori is incorrectly identified as "Horvat" in the Answer                                                                  
                (at 3).                                                                                                                       


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