Ex parte SPECTOR - Page 5

          Appeal No. 95-4351                                                          
          Application 08/048,109                                                      

          would have been obvious in view of Horvath and Hattori to replace           
          Taylor's photographic film strip, projection apparatus, and                 
          projection screen with a circular photographic film disk and                
          head-mounted viewer, as required by the claim.  Specifically, we            
          agree with appellant that the artisan would not have considered             
          Hattori's head-mounting technique, which is applied to liquid               
          crystal display devices, to be applicable to the display of                 
          images recorded on a photographic film disc of the type disclosed           
          by Horvath.  The only motivation for combining the reference                
          teachings in this manner comes from appellant's disclosure.  See            
          In re Laskowski, 871 F.2d 115, 117, 10 USPQ2d 1397, 1398 (Fed.              
          Cir. 1989) (something in the references as a whole must suggest             
          the desirability, and thus the obviousness, of making the                   
          combination).  Accordingly, the rejection of claim 1 is reversed,           
          as is the rejection of dependent claims 2 and 3.                            

                         STANLEY M. URYNOWICZ, JR.     )                              
                         Administrative Patent Judge   )                              


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