Ex parte ISHIMARU - Page 6

          Appeal No. 96-0439                                                          
          Application 07/956,497                                                      

          Appellant’s claim 1.  The Examiner states on page 3 of the                  
          answer that Nakatani teaches “the scanning electrodes may be                
          divided into two groups (see page 3, lines 5-6) and that the                
          LSI (64) may have output leads on opposing sides (see Figures               
          9 and 10) so that there are no wire crossings between the LSI               
          and the flat matrix display panel (see page 3, lines 22-26),                
          similar to applicant, relating to the third outlet-terminal                 
          group as claimed.”                                                          
               Appellant argues in the reply brief that reliance on                   
          Nakatani’s LSI 64 for a teaching or even a suggestion of                    
          Appellant’s claimed third outlet-terminal group is misplaced.               
          Appellant points out that Nakatani teaches that the LSIs are                
          mounted on a tape carrier so that the thus-package LSIs can be              
          mounted in pairs with one LSI mounted face-up and the second                
          of the LSI mounted face-down on a circuit substrate.  The                   
          face-up/face-down pair arrangement avoids cross-over because                
          of the pairs being mounted in a mutually inverted arrangement.              
          Appellant argues that Nakatani does not teach or suggest a                  
          third outlet-terminal group as claimed.                                     
               Upon a closer inspection of Nakatani, we note that                     
          Nakatani states on page 2, line 129, through page 3, line 4,                

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Last modified: November 3, 2007