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          Appeal No. 96-1343                                                          
          Application 07/993,225                                                      

               Claims 1-7 and 9-14 stand rejected under 35 U.S.C.  102(b)            
          as being anticipated by Obata.                                              
               Obata discloses a method and system for controlling the                
          timing of the display of a guidance message on terminal                     
          equipment, such as multi-media communication terminals.  The                
          system includes a timer 6 for detecting the time interval between           
          user input operations and a skill controller 7 for maintaining              
          and updating a skill level corresponding to the length of a time            
          delay occurring before the display of a guidance message.  As               
          explained at column 3, line 63 through column 4, line 9:                    
               . . . [W]hen the next input operation is correctly                     
               performed by the user within the set time, the skill                   
               controller 7 increments the skill level by one.  When                  
               the input operation is not performed within the set                    
               time, or the input operation is incorrectly performed,                 
               the skill controller 7 decrements the skill level by                   
               one.  For example, when the user’s skill level is high,                
               the display timing of the next guidance message is                     
               delayed to enable the user to proceed to the next                      
               operation before displaying the next guidance message.                 
               Therefore, since it is not necessary to display                        
               unwanted guidance for the user, it is possible to                      
               increase the processing speed of the terminal.  On the                 
               other hand, when the user’s skill level is low, the                    
               display timing is made faster so that the user can be                  
               guided to the next step, at every step.                                
               Independent claim 1 is directed to a method of controlling a           
          data processing system comprising, inter alia, the steps of (a)             
          detecting an occurrence of a message producing action, (b)                  
          providing a message associated with said detected message                   

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