Ex parte MATSUSHITA - Page 4

          Appeal No. 96-1463                                                          
          Application 08/048,181                                                      

          "a polygon display means, shift means and rotation means"                   
          (Answer, page 3).                                                           
               Iwasaki discloses an image synthesizer for an image                    
          editing apparatus in which a synthesized image can be                       
          displayed by superposing two or more source images one on top               
          of another so that all of the images are visible and                        
          transparent to each other.  Under the control of data                       
          processor 17 (Figure 1), the two source images 21 and 22                    
          (Figure 2A) are read from image memories 11 and 12,                         
          respectively, according to address signals from the address                 
          generator 15.  The two source images are then superposed to                 
          form a synthesized image 23 (Figure 2A) that is displayed on                
          display 13 (Figure 1).  As seen in Figure 2B                                
               the superposingly synthesized mutually transparent                     
               image 23 consists of vertically elongated thin                         
               picture elements 24 and 25 respectively of the                         
               original source images 21 and 22 each of one pixel                     
               in width alternately arranged in horizontal                            
               direction at the areal ratio of 1:1 such that the                      
               two original source images 21 and 22 appear as if                      
               they were placed one on top of the other (column 3,                    
               lines 40 through 47).                                                  
          In other words, in Iwasaki                                                  
               image data from the two image memories I1 [sic, 11]                    
               and 12 are not averaged with respect to each pixel                     
               in the superposed area.  Instead, image data are                       

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