Ex parte MATSUSHITA - Page 5

          Appeal No. 96-1463                                                          
          Application 08/048,181                                                      

               alternately read from the image memories 11 and 12                     
               according to address signal from the address                           
               generator 15 and they are directly displayed on the                    
               display device 13.  As a consequence, time required                    
               for data processing can be significantly reduced                       
               (column 4, lines 2 through 9).                                         
               While we agree with the examiner that Iwasaki discloses                
          "an image display means for reproducing the respective images               
          from image signals which represent the respective images and                
          displaying the reproduced images" (Answer, page 3), we do not,              
          however, agree with the examiner that Iwasaki discloses a                   
          transformation means that transforms "each" of the two images               
          21 and 22 into "a" simple image, and that the simple image is               
          represented by only the image signal components of a                        
          corresponding image which have signal values "larger than a                 
          predetermined threshold value" (claims 1 and 9).  Iwasaki is                
          silent concerning a "predetermined threshold value," and                    
          Figure 2A of this reference clearly shows that the two images               
          21 and 22 are superposed to form one synthesized simple image               
          23, and not "a" simple image for "each" of the two images 21                
          and 22.  Part iii in claims 1 and 9 makes clear that two                    
          simple images are formed after the transformation of the two                
          images.  Thus, Iwasaki lacks a transformation means that                    


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Last modified: November 3, 2007