Ex parte EDWARD F. ALLINA - Page 8

          Appeal No. 97-1002                                                          
          Application 08/014,379                                                      

          attributed to them by the examiner.  Melanson clearly shows the             
          surge suppression circuitry connected within and supported by the           
          baseplate 10 of the watt-hour meter.  There is no support                   
          received from the blade-like terminals of the meter.  Zisa shows            
          a blade like terminal 20 connected to the meter circuitry but not           
          connected to the surge suppression circuitry.  It is also clear             
          that the terminal 20 does not provide support for the surge                 
          suppression circuitry 24 because this device is clearly supported           
          by base 18 as described by Zisa [column 2, lines 60-63].  Thus,             
          based upon this record, the applied prior art does not support              
          the teachings found by the examiner.  Therefore, this reason                
          alone would also have been sufficient for us to reverse this                
          particular rejection of claims 4, 5 and 14-17.                              
                        2. The rejection of claims 18 and 19 as                      
                         unpatentable over Zisa, Melanson,                            
                         Rozanski and Brady.                                          
          These claims depend from independent claim 14 and,                          
          therefore, incorporate all the limitations of claim 14 just                 
          discussed.  Zisa and Melanson are insufficient to support the               
          rejection for reasons discussed above.  Rozanski and Brady were             
          cited to meet particular mounting features of the varistors, but            
          they do not overcome the innate deficiencies of Zisa and Melanson           


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Last modified: November 3, 2007