Ex parte EDWARD F. ALLINA - Page 10

          Appeal No. 97-1002                                                          
          Application 08/014,379                                                      

          Although Farrar does teach a device for protecting                          
          against voltage surges, the invention is for use in protecting              
          integrated circuit components which are packed into extremely               
          small spaces and for retrofitting existing electrical circuit               
          connectors.  We fail to see how the Farrar device which is                  
          designed for closely packed integrated circuits would have                  
          relevance to the watt-hour meter of St. John.  None of the                  
          problems sought to be overcome by Farrar would be expected to               
          exist in the St. John watt-hour meter.  Therefore, we agree with            
          appellant that the teachings of Farrar and St. John do not                  
          suggest their combination in a manner to meet the invention of              
          claims 20 and 21.                                                           
          We also agree with appellant that neither Farrar nor St.                    
          John suggests anything comparable to a sidewise flexing contactor           
          as recited in claims 20 and 21.  The items identified by the                
          examiner are simply apertures or contact points and have nothing            
          to do with contactors for contacting the protruding terminals of            
          a watt-hour meter as claimed.  Thus, even if Farrar and St. John            
          could be combined as proposed by the examiner, there would still            
          be no teaching of the “sidewise flexing contactors” as recited in           
          claims 20 and 21.  Therefore, we do not sustain this rejection of           
          claims 20 and 21.                                                           


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Last modified: November 3, 2007