Ex parte EDWARD F. ALLINA - Page 9

          Appeal No. 97-1002                                                          
          Application 08/014,379                                                      

          which were discussed above.  Therefore, we do not sustain the               
          rejection of claims 18 and 19 for the reasons discussed above.              
                        3. The rejection of claims 20 and 21 as                      
                         unpatentable over St. John and Farrar.                       
          Claims 20 and 21 are independent claims which contain                       
          neither of the features discussed above.  Rather, claims 20 and             
          21 recite a transient voltage surge suppression circuit board               
          means having “sidewise flexing contactors” contacting the                   
          protruding terminals of a watt-hour meter.  Appellant makes two             
          main arguments in opposition to this rejection.  First, appellant           
          argues that there is no basis to combine the low voltage d.c.               
          transient suppression teachings of Farrar with the watt-hour                
          meter of St. John [brief, page 18; reply brief, pages 7-8].                 
          Second, appellant argues that there is no teaching of the                   
          sidewise flexing contactors in Farrar as alleged by the examiner            
          [brief, page 19].  The examiner responds that the breadth of                
          these claims permits the combination of Farrar’s teachings with             
          those of St. John, and the flexing contactors are taught either             
          by contacts 32 and 36 of Farrar or contacts 34 and 36 of St. John           
          [answer, pages 11-12].  We have again carefully considered the              
          record before us, and we find ourselves in agreement with                   


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