Ex parte STURM et al. - Page 14

          Appeal No. 97-3187                                                          
          Application No. 07/999,422                                                  

          generic claims as in In re Van Ornum, 686 F.2d 937, 944, 214                
          USPQ 761, 767 (CCPA 1982) and In re Schneller, 397 F.2d 350,                
          354, 158 USPQ 210, 214 (CCPA 1968).                                         

          Pending claim 2                                                             
               A comparison of pending claim 2 and claim 7 from U.S.                  
          Patent No. 4,901,661 reveals that both are directed to a                    
          method of securing a wire along an edge of a fabric ribbon,                 
          comprising the steps of (1) positioning a wire filament                     
          adjacent to and in parallel contact with the edge; (2) folding              
          the edge of the ribbon around the wire filament, such that at               
          least some of the circumference of the wire filament is                     
          coextensive with and covered by the ribbon, thereby creating a              
          sleeve of fabric for engaging the wire filament; and (3)                    
          stitching the wire filament to the edge using at least two                  
          additional filaments, such that the wire filament is in tight               
          engagement with the edge, said stitching step including, in a               
          single continuous operation, passing a trim filament at least               
          partially around the edge and the wire filament, said trim                  
          filament covering substantially all of the wire filament from               
          view, and passing a binding filament through the ribbon and                 

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Last modified: November 3, 2007