Ex parte HOUGHTEN et al. - Page 4

                  Appeal No. 1996-3434                                                                                       
                  Application No. 08/063,279                                                                                 

              THE REJECTIONS UNDER 35 U.S.C. ' 103:                                                                          

                      At page 4 of the Answer the examiner explains what each reference is relied                            
              upon to teach.  The examiner states:                                                                           
                                    Houghten et al. teach the generation and use of                                          
                             synthetic peptide combinatorial libraries (SPCLs).  The                                         
                             peptides consisted of six residue peptide sequences with                                        
                             acetylated N terminal and amidated C terminals.  The first                                      
                             two positions of these libraries were individually and                                          
                             specifically defined . . . This reference fails to teach                                        
                             reduction of the peptides to produce oligoalkyleneimines,                                       
                             such as oligoethyleneimines.                                                                    
                                    Lam et al. teach the production of random bio-                                           
                             oligomer libraries, in which the monomer unit may be an                                         
                             amino acid, an amino acid analog, or a peptidomimetic . . .                                     
                             This reference also teaches that a peptide library may be                                       
                             generated that incorporates a reduced peptide bond, i.e.                                        
                                    Raucher et al. teach a convenient, general, and                                          
                             selective method for the rejection of amides to amines.                                         
                      Appellants= representative confirmed that both the Houghten and Lam                                    

              references are available as prior art, during the June 8, 2000 oral hearing for this                           
                      On page 4 of the Brief, appellants state, A[t]he relied-on art at best teaches a                       

              library whose member chains contain reduced amide bonds, but whose carboxylic acid                             
              or ester functionalities and guanidino functionalities of arginines are intact.  Such                          


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