Ex parte CORRY - Page 6

          Appeal No. 1996-3597                                         Page 6            
          Application No. 08/050,825                                                     

          We note that it is the burden of the examiner to establish why                 
          one having ordinary skill in the art would have been led to                    
          the claimed invention by the reasonable teachings or                           
          suggestions found in the prior art, or by a reasonable                         
          inference to the artisan contained in such teachings or                        
          suggestions.  See In re Sernaker, 702 F.2d 989, 994, 217 USPQ                  
          1, 5 (Fed. Cir. 1983).                                                         
               The examiner has not adequately explained how a skilled                   
          artisan would have arrived at the claimed invention from the                   
          collective prior art teachings assembled by the examiner even                  
          if all of the references were combinable as alleged.  As                       
          indicated above, all of the claims on appeal herein are drawn                  
          to a method requiring at least six specifically enumerated                     
          steps in fashioning a flexible mold structure having a cavity                  
          therein defined by a reverse image of the outer contour of a                   
          model that was used in forming the mold and subsequently                       
          removed therefrom. Indeed, we find the examiner's explanation                  
          (answer, pages 3-7) as to why or how a skilled artisan would                   
          have been led to modify the method of forming a block burner                   
          of Frahme and the protective hand covering manufacturing                       
          method of Adiletta to arrive at the claimed method herein with                 

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Last modified: November 3, 2007