Ex parte CORRY - Page 8

          Appeal No. 1996-3597                                         Page 8            
          Application No. 08/050,825                                                     

          identifying all of the particular and herein claimed method                    
          steps identically disclosed by Frahme and those not so                         
          disclosed, and further showing how the disparate teachings of                  
          all of the applied references including Frahme would have led                  
          a skilled artisan to modify the process of Frahme to a process                 
          corresponding to appellant's claimed method as a whole.  Here,                 
          the examiner has not even identified where Frahme teaches any                  
          method of making a mold having a cavity therein defined by a                   
          reverse image of the outer contour of a model that was used in                 
          forming the mold and subsequently removed therefrom, let alone                 
          appellant's method.  The portions of Frahme identified by the                  
          examiner (answer, page 3) are not even directed to a mold                      
          making method involving the curing of a polymer embedding a                    
          model that is subsequently removed therefrom but rather the                    
          use of a particularly assembled mold with inner and outer                      
          members to form a burner block. Based on this record, we find                  
          ourselves in substantially complete agreement with appellant's                 
          views with respect to the lack of merit in the examiner's                      
          stated position (brief, pages 16-25).                                          
               From our perspective, the examiner simply has not                         
          established a factual basis upon which to establish the prima                  

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Last modified: November 3, 2007