Ex parte SHOURESHI - Page 2

                 Appeal No.  1997-1573                                                                                                                  
                 Application No.  08/276,551                                                                                                            

                 allowable subject matter but are objected to as being                                                                                  
                 dependent on a rejected base claim .                         1                                                                         
                          The claimed invention relates to an active vibration                                                                          
                 control system for controlling vibrations resulting from an                                                                            
                 excitation source acting on a structure.  The control system                                                                           
                 includes a controller connected between an output sensor and a                                                                         
                 reaction force actuator with the controller including a system                                                                         
                 identifier for developing a relationship between the sensor                                                                            
                 output and the reaction force.  More particularly, Appellant                                                                           
                 indicates at page 23 of the specification that the system                                                                              
                 identifier includes a Hopfield based neural network for                                                                                
                 learning the dynamics of the structure and for providing                                                                               
                 output signals that follow the state variables of the                                                                                  
                          Claim 1, the only independent claim on appeal, is                                                                             
                 illustrative of the invention and reads as follows:                                                                                    

                          1In a communication (paper no. 15) filed May 25, 1999,                                                                        
                 Appellant indicates a request to withdraw claims 5, 10 through                                                                         
                 14 and 17 through 24 from the application.  The issue of the                                                                           
                 merits of this request is moot since these claims are either                                                                           
                 allowed or indicated as containing allowable subject matter                                                                            
                 and are therefore not before us in this appeal.                                                                                        


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Last modified: November 3, 2007