Ex parte SHOURESHI - Page 7

          Appeal No.  1997-1573                                                       
          Application No.  08/276,551                                                 

          of complying with the burden of presenting a prima facie case               
          obviousness.  Note In re Oetiker, 977 F.2d 1443, 1445, 24                   
          1443, 1444 (Fed. Cir. 1992).                                                
               With respect to independent claim 1, the Examiner                      
          proposes to modify the vibration control system disclosed by                
          Bozich which includes a neural network controller which                     
          performs system identification and optimal control functions                
          but lacks any disclosure of utilizing a Hopfield based neural               
          network.  To address this deficiency, the Examiner turns to                 
          Appellant’s admissions as to the prior art Hopfield neural                  
          network beginning at line 23 of page 13 of Appellant’s                      
          specification.  The Examiner’s line of reasoning is set forth               
          at page 6 of the Answer as follows:                                         
                    Since the Hopfield based neural network and                       
                    the neural network taught by Bozich are both                      
                    directed to the art of self learning control                      
                    systems for abating noise and vibration, the                      
                    Hopfield neural network would have been                           
                    recognized by one of ordinary skill in the                        
                    art as an art equivalent.  Therefore, it would                    
                    have been obvious to replace the neural network                   
                    of Bozich with the Hopfield network for the                       

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Last modified: November 3, 2007