Ex parte KOSLEY JR. et al. - Page 14

          Appeal No. 1997-2188                                                        
          Application 08/137,440                                                      
          vivo studies were conducted on galanthamine n-butyl carbamate               
          in mice and yielded "promising results".                                    
               Additionally, the examiner has cited several other                     
          references in support of his rejection which acknowledge the                
          role of AChE inhibitors in treating Alzheimer's disease.  See               
          for example, Robinson et al. at page 1127 wherein the authors               
          acknowledge the therapeutic effect of AChE inhibitors for                   
          treating Alzheimer's disease.  The examiner has also cited                  
          Sarter et al. as evidence that there was a recognition in the               
          art at the time appellants made their invention that the high               
          number of failures in clinical trials for drugs ("recognition               
          enhancers") screened and then tested on an animal model was                 
          directly correlated to the lack of sufficient attention to the              
          specific psychological mechanisms underlying behavioral                     
          enhancement. Nevertheless, Sarter et al. do recognize at page               
          154 that, "[a]rguably the strongest case for positive effects               
          can be made for the AChE inhibitors," and Sarter et al. also                
          observe at page 149 that:                                                   
               AChE inhibitors and muscarinic agonists can reverse                    
               behavioral deficits caused by lesions to the cholinergic               
               basal forebrain nuclei or drug induced AChe depletion in               
               a wide variety of learning and memory tasks. (citation                 
          Further, both Nordberg et al. and Liston et al. recognize the               

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