Ex parte KOSLEY JR. et al. - Page 7

          Appeal No. 1997-2188                                                        
          Application 08/137,440                                                      
          the specification into the claims for the purpose of narrowing              
          the scope of the claims.                                                    
               The compound claims (claims 1 through 27) are directed to              
          a specific group of compounds.  Because the compounds' basic                
          structure is fixed by the formula (I) in claim 1, the specific              
          group of compounds is defined solely by the substitutents R ,1                
           2  3      4                                                                
          R , R  and R  located at the various positions found on the                 
          compound depicted by formula (I) in claim 1 and also includes               
          the "pharmaceutically acceptable addition salts" thereof.  The              
          terminology "pharmaceutically acceptable addition salts" is                 
          conventional language used to describe well-known groups of                 
          compounds (salts) prepared from various acids and the claimed               
          compounds.  The salts are usually prepared for purposes of                  
          solubility and bioavailability. See appellants' disclosure at               
          page 9, lines 4 through 7 for acids useful for preparing the                
          claimed salts.                                                              
               Appellants' composition claim is a so-called "comprising"              
          claim and, as such, is directed to compositions including the               
          recited carrier and an acetylcholinesterase inhibiting amount               
          of the compounds defined by claim 1.  The compositions are                  
          open to the inclusion of compounds such as those described by               


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