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              Appeal No. 1997-3589                                                                                            
              Application No. 08/117,013                                                                                      

                      11.    A spinning finish composition for synthetic filament fibers containing a lubricant               
              component having improved biodegradability, said lubricant component consisting of a block                      
              copolyester prepared from the blocks A) and B) wherein,                                                         

                      block A) consists of a hydrophilic polyethylene glycol having a weight average molecular weight         
              of 450 to 20,000,                                                                                               

                      block B) consists of a hydrophobic diol selected from the group consisting of polypropylene             
              glycols, polytetrahydrofurans, polycaprolactone diols, hydrogenation products of ricinoleic acid esters,        
              and dimeric diols, and wherein said block A) and said block B) are interconnected with aliphatic C2-36          
              dicarboxylic acids, anhydrides thereof, or esters thereof with lower C  alcohols, or carbonic acid              
              diesters of lower C  alcohols.                                                                                  
                      In addition to claiming spinning finish composition, appellants’ also claim a process of                

              lubricating a synthetic filament comprising contacting the filament with a lubricant component.  See, e.g.,     

              claim 19.                                                                                                       

                                                       The References                                                         

                      The prior art references of record relied upon by the examiner in rejecting the appealed claims         


              Yanai et al. (Yanai)                         4,725,500                    Feb. 16, 1988                         
              Fujita et al. (Fujita)                       4,968,776                    Nov.  6, 1990                         

                                                       The Rejections                                                         

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