Ex parte FONTANA et al. - Page 9

              Appeal No. 1998-0596                                                                                           
              Application 08/259,370                                                                                         

                      The appellants further argue that Ainslie’s slider is not a thin film slider formed by                 
              thin film deposition.  According to the appellants, Ainslie’s slider is a substrate over which                 
              various thin film layers are deposited to form the transducers.  But none of claims 46, 47,                    
              49 and 50 requires that the slider itself without the transducer be formed of thin film                        
              deposition.  All of claims 47, 49 and 50 depend from claim 46 which specifies that “each of                    
              the suspension and the integrated slider and transducer consisting essentially of a plurality                  
              of thin film layers formed by layer upon layer of thin film depositions.”  Insofar as the                      
              appellants argue that the slider portion of Ainslie’s integrated slider and transducer is a                    
              single substrate section over which the layers of the transducer are deposited, it should be                   
              noted, however, that the appellants’ own preferred embodiments reflect the same kind of                        
                      From line 25, page 11 to line 2, page 12, the appellants’ specification states:  “The                  
              transducers are deposited on a relatively thick layer of alumina or other suitable material                    
              which is chosen for its ability to act as an etch stop and potential use as a slider section”                  
              (Emphasis added).  In the context of the appellants’ claims, read reasonably in light of the                   
              specification, the presence of a starting substrate section over which thin film depositions                   
              are made to form the integral slider and transducer appears implicit.  See, for example,                       
              Figure 4A, wherein a wafer substrate is shown having a plurality of transducers deposited                      
              thereon (page 19, lines 11-12), and Figure 4B, where numeral 100 designates a wafer                            
              substrate and numeral 110 represents layers that form the transducers (page 19, lines 19-                      


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