Ex parte FONTANA et al. - Page 13

              Appeal No. 1998-0596                                                                                           
              Application 08/259,370                                                                                         

              deemed patentable.  Accordingly, we also affirm the rejection of claim 49.                                     
                      With regard to claim 50, first the appellants reiterate what it recites and then                       
              conclude, without any meaningful explanation, that it distinguishes over the prior art.                        
              Merely pointing out what claim 50 recites, however, does not establish patentable                              
              distinction over the prior art.  The appellants then argue that claim 50 is further                            
              distinguished over the references for the same reasons as given in support for claim 25.                       
              The pertinent claimed feature of claim 50 is that the edge surfaces of the layers of the                       
              suspension lie in a common plane with the front wall of the integrated slider and                              
              transducer.  The examiner’s position (answer at 9) is this -- whether the edge surfaces of                     
              the suspension layers lie in a common plane as the front wall of the slider makes no                           
              significant difference insofar as the combined suspension and slider is concerned.  The                        
              examiner concludes that selection of the feature “is well within the purview of a skilled                      
              artisan” in the absence of an unobvious result (answer at 9).  On page 9 of the answer, the                    
              examiner further explains:                                                                                     

                             Furthermore, providing a front thin film surface wall of the thin                               
                             film slider contiguous with a common front wall plane of a                                      
                             suspension provide a slider/suspension arrangement that                                         
                             uses less material, which reduces manufacturing cost, and an                                    
                             even perimeter, which takes up less space and is more stable.                                   
                      The examiner’s rationale provides a plausible basis for the  conclusion of                             


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Last modified: November 3, 2007