Ex parte GILLIG et al. - Page 2

          Appeal No. 1998-1491                                       Page 2           
          Application No. 08/654,502                                                  

          landline.  Because of their limited range, however, cordless                
          telephones are not suitable for use in vehicles.                            

               Vehicular communications are typically achieved by means               
          of radio telephone systems, the most prevalent being cellular               
          telephone systems.  A cellular telephone allows a user to                   
          place and receive telephone calls throughout a large,                       
          metropolitan area.  A cellular telephone call, however, can                 
          cost as much as seven times a cordless telephone call.                      

               The inventive cellular cordless telephone can be used to               
          place and receive both cellular telephone calls and cordless                
          telephone calls.  Claim 46, which is representative for our                 
          purposes, follows:                                                          
                    46. A radiotelephone comprising first and                         
               second communication circuits, each communication                      
               circuit providing speech communication according to                    
               first and second communication protocols,                              
               respectively, the second communication circuit                         
               configured as a plug-in accessory which couples via                    
               a connector to the first communication circuit.                        

               The references relied on in rejecting the claims follow:               

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