Ex parte YOO et al. - Page 6

          Appeal No. 1998-2009                                                        
          Application No. 08/508,250                                                  

          lens as claimed and alleged by the Examiner.  Appellants                    
          contend that lens 3 is a coupling lens (so designated at                    
          column 1, line 45) and state:                                               
               [T]he coupling lens of the Kobayashi et al. patent                     
               is not the same as the collimating lens used in the                    
               present invention . . . [brief-page 6].                                
               The Examiner responds by highlighting an apparent                      
          contradiction or confusion in Kobayashi, thus blurring any                  
          distinction between a collimating lens and a coupling lens.                 
          The Examiner notes first, that lens 6 of Figure 2(a) is called              
          a collimating lens at column 1, lines 28-31, and a coupling                 
          lens at column 6, lines 23-26.  Second, the Examiner notes                  
          that Figure 3 (Figure 2(c) is meant), element 3 of Kobayashi                
          is depicted as a collimator, but at column 1, lines 45-46, it               
          is referred to as a coupling lens.  (Answer-pages 5 and 6.)                 
               The only contradiction or confusion we find, is that of                
          the Examiner’s reading of Kobayashi.  As to the Examiner’s                  
          first contention, lens 6 of Figure 2(a) is a collimating lens               
          as recited at column 1, lines 28-31.  This is not contradicted              
          at column 6, lines 23-26, because, when read in the context of              
          the previous paragraph, the optical system of Figure 2(a) is                


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Last modified: November 3, 2007