Ex parte YOO et al. - Page 8

          Appeal No. 1998-2009                                                         
          Application No. 08/508,250                                                   

          to surface number 2, not lens number 2.  If surface numbers                  
          were synonymous with lens numbers, there is no explanation for               
          surface numbers 1 and 4 through 6 because there are no                       
          disclosed lenses 1 and 4 through 6.  Thus, surface number 2 is               
          not len number 2.  Additionally, the distance numbers do not                 
          add up.  The total distance between the image and the object                 
          (U=30.00) does not equal the sum of the relevant distances                   
          f +f +d=42.76 (not 30.00).  Accordingly, even if Kobayashi were              
           C O                                                                         
          shown to use a collimator as lens 3, or an equivalent thereof,               
          the claimed distance between the pair of lenses has not been                 
               Appellants further argue:                                               
               Thus, one would not be motivated to use the more                        
               expensive lens system of the Kobayashi et al. patent                    
               as a replacement for a single lens of the Tatsuno et                    
               al. patent without a suggestion in the prior art of                     
               a problem or its solution, or that this more                            
               expensive lens system would provide an improvement                      
               outweighing the increased cost. [Brief-page 8.]                         
               We agree with the Examiner's response.  The motivation to               
          combine references need not be the same as Appellants’.  Also,               
          we note, Kobayashi does cite cost considerations as being                    
          outweighed by other factors (column 3, lines 44-48).  That                   


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