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          Appeal No. 1999-2063                                                        
          Application No. 08/744,432                                                  

               specification for the claim language.  The content                     
               of the drawings may also be considered in                              
               determining compliance with the written description                    
          In re Kaslow, 707 F.2d 1366, 1375, 217 USPQ 1089, 1096 (Fed.                
          Cir. 1983) (citations omitted).                                             
               A first embodiment of the multipurpose tuck label of the               
          present invention (see Figure 1) comprises a label ply that                 
          includes an upper panel 16, a center panel 18, a lower panel                
          20, and a pair of side panels 22, 24, with the upper and                    
          center panels being connected along a transverse perforated                 
          fold line 26.  Column 2, lines 7-11.  In use, the upper panel               
          is folded along fold line 26 so as to lie beneath the center                
          panel.  Figures 3, 4 and 5 illustrate other “versions” of the               
          Figure 1 embodiment (column 4, lines 17-25), with each version              
          of the first embodiment having an upper panel, a center panel,              
          and a lower panel.  Patent claims 1-7 are drawn to this first               
          embodiment in that they are expressly limited to a                          
          multipurpose tuck label/form including an upper panel, a                    
          center panel, a lower panel, and a pair of side panels.  Thus,              
          the specification as a whole consistently indicates that the                


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