Ex parte LAURASH et al. - Page 13

          Appeal No. 1999-2063                                                        
          Application No. 08/744,432                                                  

               The passage at column 3, lines 65-68 of the specification              
          reads as follows:                                                           

               In use, the label is peeled away from the liner ply                    
               and the adhesive carried on the side and/or lower                      
               panels is used to secure it to a surface of a                          
               package or envelope.                                                   
               We do not think the artisan would have gleaned from these              
          passages that the third or lower panel of appellants’ first                 
          embodiment is optional.  This is particularly so when these                 
          passages are read within the context of the specification in                
          its entirety, which, as indicated above, consistently                       
          indicates that the third or lower panel of the first                        
          embodiment is an integral component of the first embodiment of              
          the form/label.6  Concerning the term “and/or” found at column              
          3, line 66, of the patent specification, we think the artisan               
          simply would have understood from this terminology that the                 
          adhesive found on the back of the lower panel and the adhesive              
          found on the back of the side panels are each in and of                     
          themselves sufficient to secure the label to the package or                 

               6Appellants do not contend, and it is not apparent to us,              
          that the newly presented claims can be read on the second                   
          embodiment of the form/label.                                               

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Last modified: November 3, 2007