Ex parte LAURASH et al. - Page 12

          Appeal No. 1999-2063                                                        
          Application No. 08/744,432                                                  

               Appellants’ explanation of where descriptive support for               
          newly presented claims 21-26 can be found in the original                   
          patent disclosure is found in paragraph 8 of the reissue                    
          declaration, which reads as follows:                                        
                    8.  The subject matter defined in new claims 21-                  
               23[5] is the same general invention as that disclosed                  
               as being the invention in the original patent.                         
               Specifically, the specification of the ‘383 patent                     
               illustrates the optional nature of the third or                        
               lower panel.  For example, the “Summary of the                         
               Invention” points out that the lower and side panels                   
               are used to adhere the form/label to a substrate but                   
               subsequently points out that the side panels alone                     
               would be sufficient to secure the form/label to the                    
               substrate (see column 2, lines 21-25, and column 3,                    
               lines 65-68, “adhesive carried on the side and/or                      
               lower panels.”).                                                       
          The passage at column 2, lines 21-25 of the specification                   
          reads as follows:                                                           
               The lower and side panels include an adhesive on the                   
               respective second sides thereof which are used to                      
               adhere the form/label to a substrate after it has                      
               been peeled away from the liner ply.                                   

               panels, i.e., a first and a second panel, as opposed                   
               to three panels, i.e., an upper panel, a center                        
               panel, and a lower panel.                                              
               5When the present reissue application was filed, claims                
          21-23 were the only newly presented claims.                                 

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