Ex Parte Suzuki et al - Page 7

                Appeal No. 2007-0464                                                                                                   
                Application 09/964,874                                                                                                 
                        20. Kulakowski discloses an optical disk drive in which a sensor measures the                                  
                operating temperature of the device and the measured temperature is compared with two                                  
                threshold values.  (Kulakowski, Column 2, Line 63 through Column 3, Line 9.)                                           
                        21. Kulakowski discloses that if the measured temperature exceeds a first threshold                            
                temperature, a microprocessor dynamically adjusts the duty cycle of the disk drive by inhibiting                       
                high temperature write and erase operations.  (Kulakowski, Column 2, Line 66 through Column                            
                3, Line 3.)  And if the measured temperature exceeds the second threshold temperature, a control                       
                circuit further inhibits read and verify operations as well.  (Kulakowski, Column 3, Lines 3-5.)                       
                Kulakowski discloses that as a consequence of these inhibitions the temperature of the disk drive                      
                can be controlled to stay within a predetermined range and the system provides a way to address                        
                the heat generation problem associated with computer peripheral equipment.  (Kulakowski,                               
                Column 3, Lines 5-7 and Lines 17-19.)                                                                                  
                        22. Kulakowski does not disclose changing or modifying the focus or tracking offset                            
                value of the optical disk drive at any time.  It is just concerned with maintaining the operating                      
                temperature of the disk drive to within predetermined parameters which may be controlled by a                          
                user through a host computer.  (Kulakowski, Column 3, Lines 5-8; Column 5, Lines 15-18.)                               
                        23. Tsutsui discloses that temperature changes in an optical disk drive may vary the                           
                necessary offset in the focus and tracking offset servo signals.  (Tsutsui, Column 1, Lines 38-46.)                    
                        24. Tsutsui discloses continual adjustment of the servo offset to an optimal value                             
                during operation of the optical disk drive, whenever the quantity of stored data supplied by a                         
                reproducing means exceeds the quantity of recorded data corresponding to one rotation of the                           
                optical disk.  (Tsutsui, Column 1, Line 64 through Column 2, Line 19.)  Because of the continual                       
                adjustment of the servo offset, based on the quantity of data reproduced as compared to the                            


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