Ex Parte Suzuki et al - Page 8

                Appeal No. 2007-0464                                                                                                   
                Application 09/964,874                                                                                                 
                quantity of recorded data corresponding to one rotation of the optical disk, temperature changes                       
                in the disk drive will not destabilize data playback.  (Tsutsui, Column 2, lines 19-22 and Column                      
                2, Line 64 through Column 3, line 3.)                                                                                  
                        25. Tsutsui does not disclose measuring the operational temperature of the optical                             
                disk drive.                                                                                                            
                        26. In applying Tsuchimochi against claims 10 and 11, the examiner actually relied                             
                on and cited to an English translation of Tsuchimochi rather than the original Japanese language                       
                document.  That translation is in the record and it is what we refer to when using the phrase                          
                        27. Tsuchimochi discloses an optical disk drive in which a temperature sensor senses                           
                whether the operating temperature is low or high and when the temperature is high the rise time                        
                of a recording pulse is delayed so that the margin of the recording power applied to the medium                        
                becomes enlarged and thus the focal offset is changed.  (Tsuchimochi-English Paragraph Nos. 39                         
                and 40.)                                                                                                               
                        28. Davis discloses an automatic power control circuit for a laser diode, in which                             
                power is shunted around the laser diode when the temperature of the laser diode is detected to be                      
                above or below a predetermined temperature range.  (Davis, Column 2, Line 48 through Column                            
                3, Line 6.)                                                                                                            
                        29. Takasugi discloses an optical disk drive using a semiconductor laser as a light                            
                source, including a protection circuit which is connected in parallel with the laser to short-circuit                  
                the laser when the output of the laser exceeds a predetermined value.  (Takasugi, Figure 4 and                         


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