Illinois Compiled Statutes 35 Revenue: Article 7 - Tax Collection

Article 19. Tax Collection Officials

Article 20. Tax Collection Process

Division 1. Billing Procedures

Division 2. Payment and Handling of Funds

Division 3. Procedures for County Collectors

Division 4. Errors and Adjustments

Division 5. Settlement of Accounts

Article 21. Due Dates, Delinquencies, and Enforcement of Payments

Division 1. Due Dates and Delinquencies

Division 2. Enforcement Actions

Division 3. Notice and Publication Provisions

Division 3.5. Judgments and Sales

Division 4. Annual Tax Sale Procedure

Division 5. Scavenger Sales; Procedures

Division 6. Indemnity Fund; Sales in Error

Division 7. Redemption Procedures and Notice Requirements

Division 8. Other Procedures

Article 22. Tax Deeds and Procedures

Last modified: February 18, 2015