New Jersey Revised Statutes § 13:1b-13.10 - Investigation Of Applications For And Approval Of Lease, License Or Permit; Terms And Conditions; Acquisition Of State's Interest

13:1B-13.10. Investigation of applications for and approval of lease, license or permit; terms and conditions; acquisition of state's interest
The council shall investigate any application for a lease, license or permit in the meadowlands and if the council is satisfied that such a lease, license or permit will be in the public interest, or if the council approves the giving of a lease, license or permit in lieu of the conveyance applied for, the annual rental for the leasehold interest or the fee for the license or permit, shall be fixed based upon the fair market value of the land owned by the State or the value of any interest the State may have in said premises at the time of the lease, license or permit, upon such terms and conditions as the council may deem appropriate. In determining such annual rental the Council shall take into account the actions of a claimant under color of title who in good faith made improvements or paid taxes, or both, on the lands in question.

The lessee shall have the option of acquiring, if the council approves, a conveyance of the State's interest at any time during the term of the lease or any extension. In fixing the consideration for said conveyance, the council and the appropriate State officers shall determine the fair market value of the property and the State's interest therein at the start of the lease and shall give a reasonable credit for the rental paid by the lessee during the term of the lease or any extension thereof.

L.1968, c. 404, s. 96. Amended by L.1973, c. 335, s. 5, eff. Dec. 27, 1973.

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