New Jersey Revised Statutes § 13:1b-13.4 - Publication Of Map; Filing; Distribution

13:1B-13.4. Publication of map; filing; distribution
Upon completion of each separate study and survey, the council shall publish a map portraying the results of its study and clearly indicating those lands designated by the council as State-owned lands. Copies of each such map and study shall be filed with the Secretary of State and sent to the clerk of each county or to the register of deeds and mortgages, whoever shall have the responsibility as the recording officer of the county, and to the governing body of each municipality whose political boundaries include lands shown on the map. Such maps and studies shall be available for public inspection.

The council shall also cause to be published at least once in a newspaper circulating in each county whose political boundaries include lands designated as State-owned lands a list of those parcels designated in whole or in part as State-owned lands.

L.1968, c. 404, s. 90. Amended by L.1982, c. 101, s. 1, eff. July 28, 1982.

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