New Jersey Revised Statutes § 18a:60-1 - Requirements For Tenure.

18A:60-1 Requirements for tenure.

18A:60-1. The services of all professors, associate professors, assistant professors, instructors, supervisors, registrars, teachers, and other persons employed in a teaching capacity, who are or shall hereafter be employed by the commissioner in the Marie H. Katzenbach School for the Deaf or in any other educational institution, or employed in any State college or in any county college, and teachers and other certified persons employed in State institutions within the Department of Corrections, the Department of Children and Families, or the Department of Human Services, with the exception of the Director of Educational Services, shall be under tenure during good behavior and efficiency:

a.after the expiration of a period of employment of three consecutive calendar years in any such institution or institutions; or

b.after employment for three consecutive academic years together with employment at the beginning of the next succeeding academic year in any such institution or institutions; or

c.after employment in any such institution or institutions, within a period of any four consecutive academic years, for the equivalent of more than three academic years.

An academic year, for the purpose of this section, means the period between the time school opens in the institution after the general summer vacation until the next succeeding summer vacation.

The provisions of this section shall not apply to any faculty member employed by a State or county college who begins employment after the 1973-74 school year.

L.1967, c.271; amended 1986, c.158, s.2; 1999, c.46, s.33; 2006, c.47, s.101.

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Last modified: October 11, 2016