New Jersey Revised Statutes § 27:26-2 - Legislative Findings And Declarations

27:26-2. Legislative findings and declarations
The Legislature finds and declares that:

New Jersey's transportation needs are being threatened by the growing energy shortage which this nation faces. In addition, this State has many roads which are heavily congested during commuting hours, resulting in the unnecessary usage of gasoline and in lengthy delays for the traveling public. There are presently no energy efficient alternatives such as public transportation for many citizens in New Jersey which would reduce the number of single occupancy, private automobiles on the road.

Therefore, the Legislature wishes to encourage ridesharing programs which will help reduce traffic congestion, conserve gasoline consumption and promote the mobility needs of the public. One important way to address these problems is to encourage employers and employees to form ridesharing arrangements. However, employers have been reluctant to support such activities because of their potential liability to employees and others. The Legislature, therefore, finds that it is in the public interest to promote ridesharing arrangements through employer sponsorship and promotional activities by exempting employers from certain liabilities they might incur as a result of their promotion or sponsorship of certain types of employee ridesharing programs.

L.1981, c. 413, s. 2, eff. Jan. 7, 1982.

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Last modified: October 11, 2016