New Jersey Revised Statutes § 30:9-57 - Commitment For Failure To Observe Rules

30:9-57. Commitment for failure to observe rules
30:9-57. A person with communicable tuberculosis who fails to obey the rules or regulations promulgated in accordance with R.S.26:4-70 by the State Department of Health for the care of tubercular persons and for the prevention of the spread of tuberculosis, or who is an actual menace to the community or to members of his household, may be committed to a hospital or institution, designated by the State Commissioner of Health with the approval of the Commissioner of Human Services, for the care and custody of such person or persons, by the Superior Court, upon proof of service upon him of the rules and regulations and proof of violation thereafter, or upon proof by the health officer of the municipality in which the person resides, or by the State Commissioner of Health or his authorized representative, that he is suffering from tuberculosis, and is an actual menace to the community, or to members of his household. Two days' notice of the time and place of hearing shall in all cases be served upon the person to be committed. Proof of such service shall be made at the hearing. The court may also make such order for the payment for care and treatment as may be proper. The superintendent or person in charge of said hospital or institution to which such person has been committed shall detain said person until the State Commissioner of Health shall be satisfied that the person has recovered to the extent that he will not be a menace to the community or to members of his household or that the person will so conduct himself that he will not constitute such a menace.

Amended 1942,c.224,s.1; 1948,c.42; 1953,c.29,s.63; 1977,c.63,s.19; 1991,c.91,s.332.

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