New Jersey Revised Statutes § 30:9a-2 - Definitions

30:9A-2. Definitions
2. For the purpose of this act the following terms are hereby defined:

"Community Mental Health Citizens Advisory Board" shall mean a board of 15 members to be appointed by the State Board of Institutional Trustees with the approval of the Governor. Of these 15, eight members shall be chosen from among citizens of the State who, as consumers, have demonstrated an interest in the delivery of mental health services and are not providers of mental health services; one from among persons recommended by the State Association of Freeholders; one from among persons recommended by the State League of Municipalities; two from among providers of mental health services and one from among persons recommended by the chairpersons of the standing Assembly and Senate committees on Human Services.

The term of each member shall be for three years and shall commence on July 1 and shall terminate on June 30, provided, however, that of the new members appointed three shall be appointed for a term expiring one year, three for a term expiring two years, and four for a term expiring three years from July 1 following the date of appointment. Members of the present Community Mental Health Board serving on the effective date of this amendatory act shall continue to serve until the expiration of their current terms.

In addition, the Board of Institutional Trustees will designate two members from among persons currently serving as members of the Board of Managers of each of the four State psychiatric hospitals to be appointed in July of each year. The Director of the Division of Mental Health Services or his designee shall be a nonvoting ex officio member of the Community Mental Health Citizens Advisory Board.

The role of the board shall be to serve as both advocate and advisor to the department for the development of effective mental health services in the community. To fulfill this role, the board shall become and continue to be thoroughly acquainted with those programs of the Department of Human Services dealing with mental health and related social services, particularly those administered by the Office of Community Services, and shall regularly review all such programs. It shall advise and recommend on the development of policies and procedures within the general directives of the department covering these programs.

The board shall promote and maintain constructive relationships with the county mental health boards, community mental health center boards and other official bodies and organized agencies concerned with mental health services. It shall also serve, where possible, in such advisory capacities to the department in the area of community mental health as are required by Federal statutes.

The board shall choose one of its members to act as chairman and shall meet as often as required to conduct the business of the board and to assist and advise in the administration of the duties and responsibilities imposed by this chapter, but not less than 6 times each year.

The board, acting on behalf of the State Board of Institutional Trustees and subject to the authority and direction thereof, may establish within itself committees directly concerned with State-operated facilities, State grant-in-aid programs, Federal grant-in-aid programs, planning for comprehensive mental health services and mental health manpower resources, utilization and training, and may establish such other committees as it may determine.

The board may, subject to the approval of the State Board of Institutional Trustees, establish any subsidiary unsalaried advisory or consultant committees or study groups as it may deem necessary and proper and shall appoint the members thereof.

"Community mental health program" shall mean a program of preventive, treatment and transitional services for mental health clients, provided in accordance with State or Federal regulations.

"Department" shall mean the Department of Human Services.

"Sponsoring agency" shall mean any county board of freeholders, municipal governing body, board of education or any nonprofit corporation organized for the purpose of providing health or welfare services to the community, which establishes, maintains or expands a community mental health program.

L.1957,c.146,s.2; amended 1967,c.100,s.2; 1979,c.331,s.2; 1995,c.4,s.7.

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