New Jersey Revised Statutes § 30:9a-3 - Establishment Of Service; Board; Members; Meetings; Mental Health Administrator

30:9A-3. Establishment of service; board; members; meetings; mental health administrator
The several counties are hereby authorized to provide for community mental health services in accordance with the provisions of this act. Each county board of freeholders, in order to participate under this act, shall appoint a county mental health board of not less than 7 nor more than 12 residents of the county, to serve without compensation, representing local boards of health, school boards, the county welfare board, parent-teacher associations, county mental health associations, and the county medical associations and such other members as the county board of freeholders shall deem necessary. The county mental health board shall annually elect a chairman. The board of freeholders shall provide the mental health board with suitable quarters and such clerical assistance as may be required to carry out its functions. Such board shall meet not less than 4 times in each year and shall review progress in the development of comprehensive community mental health services in the county and make recommendations to the local agencies, the community mental health board and the Department of Institutions and Agencies.

Any county mental health board may, with the approval of the board of freeholders, create the position of mental health administrator. The administrator shall be the executive officer of the board and assist in carrying out its duties under this act.

The commissioner shall by regulation establish qualifications for the position of mental health administrator. If he is satisfied that the appointee is qualified and that the board of freeholders and the county mental health board have fulfilled the requirements of the act and of regulations issued pursuant thereto, he may approve reimbursement from available Federal and State funds of that portion of the salary of such administrator and of such necessary administrative expenses related to his duties as shall be allowed by regulation.

L.1957, c. 146, p. 549, s. 3. Amended by L.1967, c. 100, s. 3, eff. June 12, 1967.

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