New Jersey Revised Statutes § 40:55d-29 - Preparation Of Capital Improvement Program.

40:55D-29 Preparation of capital improvement program.

20. a. The governing body may authorize the planning board from time to time to prepare a program of municipal capital improvement projects projected over a term of at least 6 years, and amendments thereto. Such program may encompass major projects being currently undertaken or future projects to be undertaken, with federal, State, county and other public funds or under federal, State or county supervision. The first year of such program shall, upon adoption by the governing body, constitute the capital budget of the municipality as required by N.J.S.40A:4-43 et seq. The program shall classify projects in regard to the urgency and need for realization, and shall recommend a time sequence for their implementation. The program may also contain the estimated cost of each project and indicate probable operating and maintenance costs and probable revenues, if any, as well as existing sources of funds or the need for additional sources of funds for the implementation and operation of each project. The program shall, as far as possible, be based on existing information in the possession of the departments and agencies of the municipality and shall take into account public facility needs indicated by the prospective development shown in the master plan of the municipality or as permitted by other municipal land use controls.

In preparing the program, the planning board shall confer, in a manner deemed appropriate by the board, with the mayor, the chief fiscal officer, other municipal officials and agencies, and the school board or boards.

Any such program shall include an estimate of the displacement of persons and establishments caused by each recommended project.

b.In addition to any of the requirements in subsection a. of this section, whenever the planning board is authorized and directed to prepare a capital improvements program, every municipal department, authority or agency shall, upon request of the planning board, transmit to said board a statement of all capital projects proposed to be undertaken by such municipal department, authority or agency, during the term of the program, for study, advice and recommendation by the planning board.

c.In addition to all of the other requirements of this section, any municipality that intends to provide for the transfer of development within its jurisdiction pursuant to section 3 of P.L.2004, c.2 (C.40:55D-139) shall include within its capital improvement program provision for those capital projects to be undertaken in the receiving zone or zones required as a condition for adopting a development transfer ordinance pursuant to subsection b. of section 4 of P.L.2004, c.2 (C.40:55D-140).

L.1975,c.291,s.20; amended 2004, c.2, s.38.

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Last modified: October 11, 2016